Professional Management 


Casa England is led by Mr. YUSUF AHMED HASSAN MARHOON (Dynamic Bahraini Entrepreneur)

Proudly, served as the youngest General Manager in Bahrain History for a high level Large manufacturing Organization (Saar Group Of Companies) which was published in three of the Bahrain local news papers, an English news paper, Gulf daily news and two local language Arabic news paper Akhbar Al Khaleej and Alayam news paper.

Increased monthly sales many fold by smart management and efficient planning.

Revisit the work flow and machine maintenance to reduce production cost and minimize waste, hence raising considerable profit.

Visionary planning, collaborations, contracts with other market players to create a win-win atmosphere for all.

Strategic planning for expansions, start ups, marketing, project management and delivery for increased output and higher sales and market share.

Developed,planned and initiated exports from Bahrain into GCC, resulting in huge and diversified market expansion.

Initiated and planned Recycling divisions, thus opening a new dimension in markets and high profits.


Dedicated and knowledgeable manufacturing professional with diverse industry knowledge and special talent for searching out opportunities for improvement, contributing to cost reduction, increased productivity, and waste reduction.

Implement Lean manufacturing techniques through regular trainings, workshops for all staff and workers. Also modern efficiency methodologies like Kaizen, 5S etc.

Provides objective analysisand innovative solutions to a wide range of manufacturing problems including civil/structural repair needs, cost and productivity optimization, and safety and environmental issues.

Demonstration of cross-functional knowledge with proven operational success. Proactive planner with the ability to nurture credibility and confidence with management and plant personnel.

Excellent safety and compliance record with working knowledge of OSHA, IBC, and environmental regulations.