Our customer are typically importers, trading companies and downstream manufacturers. They are fully engaged with running their businesses on a day-to-day basis in the geography they serve. They concentrate on developing their downstream markets and manage and improve local customer relationships. 
Logistics operations are part and parcel of their business, but are generally looked upon as a necessary evil not a competitive edge. As we specialize in these operations and consolidate much higher volumes, customers can free up resources  by outsourcing these operations effectively to us.
We are able to :
* find and develop new suppliers in any country
* develop new products and improve existing productlines in cooperation with suppliers
* optimize packing, land transport and shipping to minimize cost 
* provide clearing and inspection of cargo upon shipping and arrival
* provide just-in-time delivery of the cargo to the importers warehouses 
* supply directly to importer's customers in bahrain and avoid any physical handling of goods
* re-export material from bahrain to other countries in the region